Atractor is an interdisciplinary collective that emerged in 2017 as a union between artists working around the relationship between technology and art. It`s members have approaches in different areas such as electronics, sound synthesis, performance, programming, animation, vr / ar, and creation of objects and machines. Combining analog and digital technology, Atractor designs and develops installations and experiences based on a concept that blurs the boundaries between art and science.


Collective Exhibitions
-Tormenta . Casa Hoffmann, May 2017. Curated by Caridad Botella
-Multiverse. Plecto Gallery June 2017. C
urated by John Angel
-Sluice, Contemporary Art Fair September 2017. London, UK. Grey Cube

-Artecámara. ARTBO, October 2017. Curated by La Usurpadora

-Voltaje. Salón de arte electrónico, October 2017. Curated by Carmen Gil and Juan Ricardo Rincón

Selected Concerts
-Swarm. ISEA 2017 – Nuits Sonores, as a part of Hyphen Hub NYC.

-Swarm. Yavería 2017

-Swarm. Arttec 2017

-Concierto. Uniandinos 2017 - Launch of the image of the Bogota International Film Festival.



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