Uncertainty in statistical projections increases exponentially with the progression of variables over time. According to chaos theory, all initial conditions of systems must be precisely known to predict how it will evolve in the distant future. However, taking weather as an example, even if the molecules in the air interacted in a non-random way - in a deterministic (cause-effect) way - you still could not predict with certainty what they would do. Understanding nature through data is a constant concern of the scientists and engineers of our time. Systems that describe and represent natural rhythms-algorithms and equations-as well as our technological advances have changed our point of view towards nature. The look that for centuries was anablepica (from the Greek [anablépô] "looking upwards") was replaced by a zenith view. This change has created an illusion of control that only fades when natural forces overcome our technological barriers.

In Norbert Weiner's words, "If we can not achieve a sufficiently controlled and rationalized coupling with the phenomena we are studying, then we must consider ourselves as part of that system." A complex system that includes the human agent as an integrated component is capable of an even greater range of behaviors than those systems that are not. Nonlinearity, defined by Norbert Weiner in his seminal work, "Cybernetics", is the result of any "combination of functions other than addition with constant coefficients". 


Antisymmetry poses a reflection from the sculpture of complex systems of nature. Through an algorithm that generates random patterns we control the sound and movement of electroluminescent strings in space, generating light sculptures that do not respond to any pattern and are in contaste and permanent change. The sound is directly interrelated with the sculptures because it is made from the same patch (code) of Pure Data that runs in real time through a Raspberry Pi and an audio interface M Audio 3.

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