In exploring Omar Rayo’s work, there is a strong intention to break with the two-dimensionality of the plane, generating the optical illusion of geometric patterns that appear as architectural mazes. This struggle to break with the two-dimensionality persists today in the new media. Our efforts are focused on generating volumetric spaces that extend in three dimensions, transforming the architecture in real time.

The lines, shadows and voids present in the work of Omar Rayo are composed in a mathematical precision similar to a composition language that evokes the length and breadth of universal rhythmic waves, inspired by ethnic patterns of multiple cultures. Linearum is an installation that uses laser beams and sound waves to create a sound-light sculpture in the space inspired by the work of Omar Rayo. The sculpture is transformed using systems of interaction in real time that react to manual gestures with the intention of generating a link between the spectator and the unprecedented work.



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